Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lighting the candle of empowerment

When Divya Jhaver went to college to study Visual Communications in a bid to hone her love for designing, she hadn’t a clue that she would, one day, be a front-runner for the cause of educating little girls. Fortune favoured her enough to give her a comfortable living, as work was never a necessity, but rather a choice. “Whatever money was generated, it was used for new clothes, bags and jewellery all for myself. I never had to save because I was blessed with more than enough.” That was until a time came, three years ago, when Divya turned over a new leaf.

“I could not shut my ears to the deafening call to search for something "more". All the excess baggage of material wealth began to weigh on me and I just wanted to go in search of myself, in search of my teacher. I took a break from everything around me.” While on her voyage of personal discovery, Divya took to yoga, and chanced on books published by the Bihar School of Yoga, which gave her a more definite direction in
Divya, with her guru
life. She then went to an ashram in Rikhia, India, which works alon
g with a Yoga Ashram in Munger. Divya met her guru there, Swami Satsangi. “I had the privilege to listen to some of her discourses on selfless service, and have hands on experience of the same, too. I witnessed the people of the ashram work tirelessly, round the clock, just to be able to provide their neighbours (villagers) with food, shelter, clothing and education. They don’t live for themselves, but for others. What attracted me first, and most, at that, was to see a woman lead an ashram. There are very few female spiritual leaders who have been able to make a place for themselves in this world of men. No doubt it is still a male dominated society. My upbringing was different. I was brought up with a lot of love and respect. My parents were always supportive of my decisions. I had the right to make my own decisions which many women even from affluent families are not lucky enough to do. We were always given more than what we asked for. Although my parents did a lot for others,  I never imbibed that quality in me until this experience.”

Divya’s brush with spirituality took her to understand the fact that we, as a people, do not have any right over this thing we call our wealth. “We are nothing but a medium that God uses to help others and it is our duty to consistently give back to society and strike that balance. If we are blessed with more than what we need it means we someone else has lesser than what he requires.”

That took Divya to start her own design studio, called Wild Rose, which works to financially support the education of girls. “The education and values which the children of the ashram are blessed with, makes me question our pattern of education. The young girls and boys of Rikhia walk with their head held high, converse in English like any one of us and are confident of taking on anything. There is no concept of "leadership courses" or "public speaking" classes as it is in the schools we know of, in our cities. While we barely know our mother tongues as well as we know English, the young children of Rikhia chant Sanskrit verses at great speed that if we try to keep up it would literally twist our tongue. Rikhia ashram is not the Bihar we know of and read about. There is a deeper and richer Bihar.”  

A witness of the silent revolution, Divya decided that she’d be a part of it. “A place which was literally "the darkest corner of the world"... has been transformed completely through the tireless efforts of Swami Satyananda and is now being carried on by Swami Satsangi. Educating a woman is equivalent to educating an entire generation, because it is she who carries the child in her womb, who instills values in children and it is these children who become the future of any country.”

Check out Wild Rose here and help educate a girl child, today! 

The products created by WILD ROSE can be used for absolutely any occasion. It’s not just festive gifts but gifting ideas for anniversaries, birthdays... I am soon coming up with "WILD ROSE JUNIORS"... so kids are not left out :) these gifts can be made according to the preference of the customer. So whatever the customer buys... that money is floated towards the purpose of this business... educating young girls. :)