Sunday, December 8, 2013

Equals yet so differently brained

Equals yet so differently brained
So many of them winters that have now come and gone, yet the bone chilling shrieks can be heard afresh, every new dawn. Is this the beautiful picture, so popularly talked about, is this how we spend our gift of life by denying another of their own. Spreading bright red all around, in this beautiful world, now without a dawn.

This is maybe the most misleading belief, it allows one to conquer that maybe the other is an inferior class meant to be crushed down. One meant only to remain below not even come equal, as the other side silently succumbs. Why, aren't we equal children of the same universe, aren't we all same in the eyes of law. Then why should one even succumb in a land where all is free, treated equal.

Where there is instead 33 percent of reservation in politics, up to 15 percent in education and the numbers may just keep falling. Here in this land that this law precedes, why should any succumb to the other, instead of walking tall- at level. Where is the society to blame in this whole scenario, isn't that a sham to cover up for our own mental in capabilities of accepting the fact that this land is walked by those who are equal and very same, the beautiful sapien soul. Is our own very mindset not to blame, hampered thoughts and scarred memories - is that what we deserve to live under?  Why should we crumble under that invisible glass ceiling, oppressed by this tyrant like rage.

So many questions, yet no answers, run we do around like fools with many an excuse, searching for a mere explanation. Its our call to make, our view, thought to change. The day we finally accept that there is nothing that can crush the will, ahead is the only road visible then. This society is not one which is biased, it is one very equal just the stand has to be taken, because without decisions treading on life's path is none but a meaningless pursuit. One which has no end, the beginning know not to all.

In any shade there is, the yellow still prevails. Hope will live through even the darkest of black lighting up the way, even if through a mere crack. That is the bane of our very existence, is it not. The will that pushes us forward trudging onto every new day, then why not have it all our prevalent thoughts as well.

It is now, that we need to realize. As acceptance is the very basic step - the first of all. We need to obliterate the creeping denial, lead ourselves to accept that today in this hour of the 21st Century we are none but children of Adam and Eve, created equal and interdependent and it is a complete cycle that we together form, the latter being the former's better half, vice-versa. There is no competition between us and our superiority, the race is against time which waits for none. As has been said in the past," united we stand and divided we fall." Keeping all in mind, we must strive together to make this planet a better place for a better tomorrow. Also, at all points in time we must not forget, it is only a woman who gives birth to a true man!