Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who is the weakest link?

William Kin

A women beater is defined as men who verbally, mentally or physically abuse women so that they make up
Who is the Weakest Link?
for their own weaknesses and insecurities. However for many centuries, philosophers, psychologists and human behavioral analysis have argued that the responsibility of the male is to provide shelter, food and protection for their counterpart. So why do males want to hurt their counterpart? Just because of their insecurity or weakness? They are the ones that should provide protection and strength to their counterparts!
I was given an opportunity to work in the medical field in which I had witnessed horrific domestic violence. A young female in her late 20’s came into the hospital’s trauma ward for medical attention. After several medical tests and examinations, my team leader took the responsibility to notify the police of a possible domestic violence. The evidence was clearly visible in the medical report findings which included numerous wrists, arms and ribs fractures. Bruises were noticeable on her neck and face which suggested strangulation and brutal force slaps respectively. Upon further inspection, the stomach showed multiple marks that could be either caused by deliberate foot tramples or punches while the uterus suffered massive internal bleeding. She was then hospitalized and was later discharged.

News broke when we were notified by the law enforcement that they were pressing charges for domestic violence towards her counterpart only to find that she requested the charges to be dropped; in her argument, she replied that it was her “fault for not paying attention while walking down several flights of stairs.” The male then laid a charge to our team for attempting to accuse him for domestic violence, and it has created stress in their family as well as for name damage. Was she threatened by her counterpart? Peer pressure? I wouldn’t know, but I know that at times, female will do anything to protect their offspring’s even if they have to endure these senseless tortures.

Another incident that I came across had involved a premature born baby and her mother. A few days after giving birth, the infant suffered a mild fever, but due to the single mother’s financial and family background, she was unable to provide her baby with the best medical care. The only option she had was to take the infant to a state hospital which was not feasible, due to the fact that she will have to take a day off. As the only source of income in the family, she did what other people with the same background would do: taking to purchasing medicine over the counter as this did not require a doctor’s prescription.  After a few weeks, the infant suffered a severe high fever. This left the mother devastated and feeling guilty and in order to raise the necessary fund, she decided to beg. This caught the eye of a news reporter. After a few days, an anonymous male offered to pay for her infant medical bill under one condition that was to knee-walk for 2 kilometers. Why did he do that to her? Was it to humiliate her in the public?

Males have continuously labeled females as the weaker species but at the same time one should not forgot that it was the female ho gave birth to males. So are women beaters considered to be traitors? I choose to campaign against violence against women as time and time again, they have showed courage and perseverance in making sure that the family stay safe no matter what the cost is. Will you also join me in the fight to end this barbaric act?

William Kin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (with majors in Human Physiology and Human Biology), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the same university. Currently he is in the process of completing his MBA from the Heriot-Watt University as well as another Bachelor of Science Degree (Biochemistry and Microbiology) at the University of South Africa. He has also attended a business course hosted by two universities namely, Peking and Jinan University in the Peoples Republic of China. William’s work experience extends from interning at the United Nations Information (South Africa), as well as at Mine and Safety Appliances (South Africa) as well as a consultation for UNICEF. He has also had the opportunity to oversee the 8th World Conference of the Shunde Association held in South Africa as the Cultural Exchange Director (he was one of the youngest Directors in the Shunde Friendship South Africa Association).William has worked with several NGO’s that help needy people start their own business/entrepreneur venture as well as provide young adults with some basic literacy and numeracy. William’s hobbies include playing competitive chess, a sport that has allowed him to acquire and grow different key transferable skills such as communication, patience, active listening, initiative taking, teamwork, creativity and innovation.