Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Story of Her

A poem by Rhea Samyal to mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Image from Pixabay

Her eyes are the silver lining in a storm,
Lips the perfect stance of strength,
Her tresses the message for the winds to carry,
Heart as pink as the lotus of life.....

Voice not above a whisper she proposes,
Yet will of a mountain and mind of a warrior,
A waste of time to listen to the worlds jabber,
She glistens in the sun and celebrates solitude.....

The world of magic she lives in becomes her sentence,
Her tools of flying seized and caged,
Grievously terrible was her line of work,
And was followed by men folks blatant scorn.....
Don't mistake her suffering for weakness,
Forget unleashing your pity just yet,
Its gods way of showing the non believers,
How cursed his child was even in a blessing.....

The lights dim and its time to loosen the lever,
The sun sets and its pull committing murder,
An angel was deemed a witch tonight,
This is the story of her , a game of lies.....

(A heart wrenching tale of women of the archaic era where conventionalism was equated with normalcy. A gritty and moving resolve of a young girl who waits for the guillotine in her last moments who still dreams of a being heard or understood)  

Rhea Samyal hails from paradise on earth Jammu and Kashmir and derives her flair for sensitized poetry from the war and conflict that exists amidst ethereal beauty and love. She is a first year law student at the ILS law college , Pune. With the infusion of travel mania in her, Rhea loves to read people, cultures and lifestyles. A lover of animals, music, classics and sitcoms, Rhea always strives to make a difference wherever she can with whatever little means. Her greatest passion is to weave tragedy into words and redefine philanthropy through actions.