Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A Poem by Ashay Abbhi

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Deep in my sleep I dreamt,
I was whatever I wanted to be..
Every night I was different,
I was only ten years old, you see..

Wandering through the starry sky,
I was a traveller one night..
Walking through the darkness,
Drifting into the dawn towards light..

Another night I was a doctor,
Busily treating the hurt and the ill..
I saved lives of my countrymen,
I gave the way to their will..

Last night I was a soldier,
Defending the honour of my land..
I did not kill anyone with my gun,
Just gave them a helping hand..

But tonight I was only a kid,
When the loud noise rocked my bed..
The deafening silence woke me up,
Everyone around me was dead..

I saw myself covered in blood,
My limbs all around lay tattered..
They said it was a bomb that made the noise,
I think it was just my dreams shattered.

Ashay Abbhi is currently based out of Chennai, India. Enjoying good literature, Sufism and music, Ashay works as an analyst in the field of energy studies, with a specialisation in Oil and Gas. He wields the pen every now and then when his muse visits him, dabbling with writing out a bit of poetry and prose. Ashay is a volunteer with the Red Elephant Foundation, and writes op-ed styled articles for many international outlets on contemporary energy issues and surrounding geopolitical angles, besides also writing poetry and short stories that have been published in many outlets.