Monday, September 15, 2014


A Poem by Ashay Abbhi

The day you hit her in your rage 


the night you left screaming,
the morning you came back drunk
found her hanging from the ceiling..

When you threw them out on the road
as they fell into the abyss of life,
when they begged their son for mercy
you closed the coffin and smirked at your wife..

When you snatched his pride away
as you filled his money in your purse,
he couldn’t live soulless anymore
finally found peace in the hearse..

When you threw her down the steps
her tiny hands dropped the bucket there,
you couldn’t see even if you wanted to
it wasn’t water but her blood everywhere..

I broke every time you yelled
pushed me, hit me, screamed and swore,
but I smile today as I leave forever
because I won’t be broken anymore.

Ashay Abbhi is currently based out of Chennai, India. Enjoying good literature, Sufism and music, Ashay works as an analyst in the field of energy studies, with a specialisation in Oil and Gas. He wields the pen every now and then when his muse visits him, dabbling with writing out a bit of poetry and prose. Ashay is a volunteer with the Red Elephant Foundation, and writes op-ed styled articles for many international outlets on contemporary energy issues and surrounding geopolitical angles, besides also writing poetry and short stories that have been published in many outlets.