Monday, September 29, 2014

Palestine’s Child

A poem by Aksa Bilal
One two three 
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Lead uncovering his skin
Cutting through, slicing through
Meat in the dirt
Something dug a hole
Someone sighed
Cracked through the air
Left a leaking samurai
Someone laughed
Tugging at the pain
Gently pulling him in
Terribly pulling him out
Out and about they went
Like any summer day
All frail and fettered
Like any Today
At every dance and turn
The earth shook a little
Palestine incarcerated
And everything that hibernated
Woke up once again
And as sleep fell onto his eyes
He struggled just a little
Counting all the years
And one less flame
As he started to walk his walk
He left a dream toiling in the mud
A weeping willow and a whistle
A Palestine untouched. 

Aksa Bilal is a student from Pakistan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, and is passionate about reading, writing, volunteering, creative thinking, teaching and advocacy. She is a strong advocate of quality education. She believes in Allah’s miracles and in the goodness of people, and works towards education and sustainable development.