Friday, October 17, 2014

Let’s just be O.K. with that

A Poem by Aksa Bilal
Image from Pixabay

StopPut a full-stopTurn around and take it all back inI’m just meAnd you are youAnd let’s just be O.K. with that PausePut a comma or twoSlow down the hate speechAnd let me breatheThere’s space in the world for both of us, I’m sure Look
beyond what you seeThe differences- pluck them awayAnd whitewashthe stainsyou think my life holds Breakaway from the thoughtsThat tell you I am not worthyAnd put them in a boxSomewhere - away from here TalkNot with silent laughterwhen you whisper to your friendsBut with dignitythat silently sits in your bag-packThere is faith in the world for both of us, I am sure
Grimace Notat the sight of the mirror I look intoOnlybe mesmerized by what you see Livewherever on the earth you want toBut wherever we may goI’ll be me
And you’ll be youAnd let’s just be O.K. with that.

This is a poem about breaking the silence, questioning everything that is wrong, and challenging attitudes.