Monday, December 8, 2014

6 Shillings Worth

A Poem by Aksa Bilal as part of the 16 Days Activism against Violence against Women

Dust-mites and spider-webs
Crevices, little cracks
My songs, your melodies
Your lions and my lambs
The great Orator, the silent man
The sick demon never condemned
My aching heart, you somehow forget.
Among the lions and the ladies
The princesses and the frogs
She has heard all the stories
Of rotten apples and swords
But not one about his world
His wickedness, and his slaves
They forgot to teach her to say no and stand
When the creeping hands come her way
When the final blow is aimed.
Mirror images and chandeliers
White light and deep red veins
6 shillings, 5 and a half pounds
Is not her price for him to pay.
Stories, words, giant megaphones
Too many words, too many meanings
Only few that talk about him and her
Only few to give evil reasons.
Through silent storms, and raging battles
And all the wars that wage in your head
She stands behind you, tall and thin
For you, she is the right hand.
Give her love, give her protection
The better end of the devil’s deal
More than 6 shillings’ worth at least.