Monday, July 13, 2015

Kill me now

By Aksa Bilal
Image from Pixabay

Kill me now
My pills are on the floor
My hands have been in the wars
My children have been raped and smudged along the floor

Kill me now 
There is no love i would like to hold
No child i would like to own
My veins have been scraped off the floor with shovels and paper bags

I will kill you now
Slit your throat in one go
Pills are too easy, make your blood pour
If you like, i can rape you once more

I will kill you now 
Smell the charcoal off your bones
Your flesh is becoming too heavy to hold
Are you sure you won't like me to rape you once more? 

Kill me now 
Your fingers are tied to my bones
My mind has been stripped naked in the wars
Your haunting eyes have raped me before

Kill me now
My children have been smashed against the doors
The world is running out of the space they hold
Even the devil has monsters of his own.