Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Start Over

A poem by Ashay Abbhi

Image from Pixabay
What if,
we could start all over again?
forget all the mistakes,
forget all the pain

Maybe wake up another night,
Perhaps sleep another day..
If we could start the game again,
Fight a little less when we play

This time I won't want so much,
I will make do with little..
I will play with my old toys,
even the ones that are brittle

I don't like drinking milk, ma
I like it better when you eat something..
I know we don't have much,
But with each other we have everything

No, dad, don't spend too much time at work,
Your torn feet are peeking from your shoes..
If only you would play with me again,
I will wear my old clothes this year too

If only my sister could be with us again,
I would never let her be sad..
If only she could laugh once again,
If only we spent time with her when we had

This time is all we have,
this life all we can spend together..
if only you had let me be with you,
if only I was when there was no other

I wish I could erase the darkness in the sky,
I wish once again we could all play..
what if I listened to my heart this time,
What if I lived another day!