Friday, September 4, 2015

Peace on the Shore

By Ashay Abbhi

Ammi said we will find what we didn't have. 
Image: "Sorry, Aylan" by Kirthi Jayakumar
As soon as we reached the shore
She even dressed me for freedom today
I could not have asked for more

I understand now what she meant
When she said we will soon know no pain
No tears will dry on abbu's face
And ammi will be happy again

Sitting in the boat I was thinking
What I would become when I grew
Doctor, soldier or a lawyer I thought
But dead body was an option I never knew

I breathe in the rough salty air
I drown my eyes in the blue sea
Oh look how big it is from here
And how tiny will look the washed up me

As I am tossed by the waves for the last time
I have finally found what we were looking for
I smile as I close my eyes forever
I have found peace on the shore