Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Oh Women! Salutations to Thee!

by Anando Ghosh

Mother Nature through her fingers intricate,
Weaved a world both harsh and delicate.
For men were supposed to be strong, women the weak.
Her speech was restricted; she could not speak.

History is replete with thousands of atrocities,
That women endured to the best of their abilities.
Sita had to pass a test of chastity.
Draupadi became a victim of men’s immorality.
Savitri fought with Death to bring back her beloved.
Women in the medieval times took to burqa as commanded by their husbands.

From cradle to tomb, she has been a victim of discrimination.
The same story rings true for each and every nation!
Doodh-Piti, suffocation and God knows what all has been tried,
To snap life out of a girl who has just arrived.

Education for her is too burdensome to provide,
Marriage is her ultimate fate, parents confide.
Mothers sell one off-spring, buy another; all thanks to dowry!
Girls are deprived of the freedom that was once so savoury!
Being locked within the four walls of domestication,
They toil hard without any agitation.

Enduring unwanted embraces at night,
They put up with the sharp glances of the in-laws without a fight.
From a young girl to a woman subjected to passion,
She becomes a blind partner to nature’s scheme of procreation.

She is not supposed to dream but fulfil her duties.
She is depicted without brains, only a beauty!
Yet during hardships, she must work outside,
To supplement her husband for she has children to provide.
But she must cook the meals and return home early.
Her salary should be less than her husband’s clearly!

The husband is her boss, her God, her life!
She is just his servant, being subordinate-his wife!

If the queen dies, the king still retains his kingdom.
If the king dies, the queen loses her king-dom!
She is now at the mercy of her sons.
She has no place in the house which perhaps never was hers even once.

Sacrifice is the goal of her life,
In the capacity of a daughter, mother or wife!
When was the time to contemplate over the definition of Woman?
To realize that they were the better halves of men.

Every year, we celebrate the International Women’s Day.
What purpose does it serve, may I dare to say?
Just honouring a few who tried their best,
Can never help to liberate the rest.
Love, acceptance and encouragement have their own place, for sure,
But can they really be the apt cure?
The UN talked about oranging the world,
To stop all violence that has caged these birds.
Parity is what they should seek,
Be it social, economic or politic.

They must have the freedom to choose their profession.
Men and marriage should not alter their decision.
The society must evolve to ensure dignity of life and labour.
So that none of these girls meet the fate of ‘Nirbhaya’ ever!

All that men need to say is-‘I am with you.’
So that we can start the world anew!
Where love, peace and happiness shall reside,
And the laws of equality shall everyone abide.

You are the incarnations of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati,
Oh Women! My humble salutations to Thee!
Arise, awake and realize your potential,
To secure a rightful place, your effort is essential.
You must rightfully assert your claim,
Putting the head of all sinners down with shame!

Men and women both are important,
To propel the wheels of growth and development.
So that all may live at ease,
In a society created out of mutual respect and peace!