Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Breaking Stereotypes across the Ocean

The St. George's School, Cologne, Germany, took our campaign on Breaking Gender Stereotypes to the next level! Here's a look at what they did at an event in the school, welcoming parents, teachers and students to come together to look at the bigger picture of empowering all genders through shifting mindsets. Read on for a detailed update!
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Inspired by the work of the Red Elephant Foundation and driven by the parents of St. George’s, our recent International Day celebrations involved a push to break gender stereotypes.Our parents, teachers and students attempted to empower our all genders by shifting our attitudes and mind sets, and by liberating our thinking, challenging gender notions, and breaking stereotypes. Slips of paper were handed out, with “I am breaking a gender stereotype by……” and volunteers were asked to fill out their ideas and actions in the remaining space. We received many interesting and thoughtful replies, including:
I am breaking a gender stereotype by:
  • Writing poetry
  • Repairing household breakages
  • Crying (and not being ashamed of it)
  • Looking after babies
  • Being able to weld