Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Research Publication: Themes of Mental Health Among Female Survivors of Violence

Gender-based violence - any act of physical, sexual, and/or psychological violence towards a woman or girl -  is a major public health and human rights issue. Statistics reveal that 1 in 3 women experience some form of physical or sexual violence, often by an intimate partner (U.N. Women, 2016). Although organizations and women’s centers dedicated to gender equality and violence prevention have been established for women around the world, mental health treatment for violence survivors remains a vital concern across the globe. Mental health treatment is often stigmatized due to societal, cultural, and/or religious factors. Female survivors of violence are typically blamed for causing and continuing their perpetrator's abuse (Roodman & Clum, 2001). Nevertheless, abuse victims usually remain in abusive relationships due to the societal and/or economic barriers placed upon their gender (U.N. Women, 2016). When surviving abuse - physical scars may heal - however the  psychological consequences are serious as thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are influenced.
This research project investigates the psycho-social effects of interpersonal and gender based violence, mental health treatment for female violence survivors, and the social context affecting mental health and treatment for violence survivors.