Friday, August 25, 2017

Bare Bruised Bold

By Sara Sethia
Image by TiniSta

Bare Bruised Bold
A naked bloodbath
The ‘pussy’ they termed it
Made her vulnerable to their privilege they assumed

Black Veils
No laughter
No presence
They imposed

Patient and Silent
They described ‘good’ women as
Like the sea women are
Patient waves that soothe your soul
Silent depths that nurture life

Their illusion of pussy for weakness and breasts for vulnerability
Their self-assumed power to protect or rip her apart
Their pride about their manhood
Have no idea what it has churned
Epicentre right beneath their feet

In a flash
Womanhood will show how proud it is of all those blood stains that she was ashamed of
Snapping her share of rights
Like it or lump it

Under the black veils
A theatrical display of the raw pain that she underwent
Of the bruises they can’t see
Of the powers that muscles don’t display
Of the capacity to revive they can’t have

Bare Bruised Bold

Sara is an undergraduate student pursuing a BSc in Economics and Finance from the University of London. Apart from Economics, she has a keen interest in Biology. She recognizes herself as a Feminist and endeavours to promote equality of genders, not the dominance of one over the other. She loves reading, travelling and writing.