Friday, January 4, 2019

Playing it back

In our last session at Pudiyador for this series on addressing bullying, we wound down our sessions with a bit of theatre. We gave them two situations and told them to go forth and enact the situation and continue onward to enact a solution. The first storyline was centered around bullying. The scenario was that a student is constantly ridiculed, taunted, and isolated. The group added the following: One day, one of the bullies himself gets made fun of, and the boy he bullied comes to his support. He then understands how it feels and tells his other friends to be more empathetic and inclusive. In the second storyline, we looked at how a teacher did nothing to address bullying while it happened in their presence. The children decided to find a way to sort it out themselves, and enjoined upon their teacher to be an active bystander.

Here's a glimpse of how that panned out.