Intersectional Musings

Intersectional Musings is an online reading series that brings together women from different parts of the world to share their stories in their voices. It began with the Sixteen Days of Activism (2017) and is now a full blown series. Issue releases are scheduled on the last Monday of each month. Happy Reading!

Read)   (November 2017)
Read)   (November 2017)
Read)   (November 2017)
Raakhee Suryaprakash (Read)   (November 2017)
Yashasvini Rajeshwar (Read)   (November 2017)
"Anonymous" (Read)   (November 2017)
Vasanthi Swetha  (Read)   (November 2017)
Tamarack Verrall  (Read)   (November 2017)
Lea Gabay (Read)   (November 2017)
Vaishnavi Pallapothu (Read)   (November 2017)
Ankita Narayan (Read)   (November 2017)
Meenal Viz (Read)  (November 2017) 
Elsa D Silva (Read(November 2017)
Sukanya Sharma (Read(November 2017)
Divine (Read(November 2017)
"A Chinese Woman" (Read) (November 2017) 
Kiran Manral (Read) (January 2018)
Mandy Sanghera (Read) (February 2018)
Archana Sarat (Read) (March 2018)
Anupama Jain (Read) (April 2018)
Siyah (Read) (May 2018)
Nicole Chan (Read) (June 2018)
Lopa Banerjee (Read) (July 2018)
Deepti Menon (Read) (August 2018)
Janani Viswanathan (Read) (September 2018)
Thirupurasundari Sevvel (Read) (October 2018)