Safecity (The Red Dot Foundation) and The Red Elephant Foundation have put together a campaign to encourage women to take back public spaces. In this slide-over photo essay, we share with you what a public space would look like if women were rendered completely invisible: a trend that patriarchy is inching towards.

Let's reclaim our right and be visible in a Public Space! Between being harassed and isolated in public spaces thanks to misogyny and patriarchal attitudes, it is a harsh reality that there are fewer women in public spaces than there should be. Have you experienced harassment, misogyny and discrimination in public spaces? Does it feel like you're invisible and on your own in Public Spaces? Does this make you feel unsafe?

It's time to step out and be visible.We have equal rights to Public Spaces and it's time that we reclaim them. It's time to confront and change what the misogyny and discrimination against us has led to: invisibility, silencing and violence.

We're about to take back those public spaces. Join Safecity and The Red Elephant Foundation in this solidarity movement. To join this campaign, write to us at and we'll guide you on how to contribute!

Get out on the streets. Take back your spaces!