No More Whispers is our campaign to enable open and free dialogue around menstruation, and to stop
sweeping things under the carpet. Menstrual Hygiene is of absolute importance and is often compromised upon when the issue of taboos and cultural barriers come into play. As a consequence, many young women are forced to suffer with issues ranging from the lack of health care, to social isolation, and to several harmful cultural practices. This Menstrual Hygiene Day, we present you some moving stories of changemakers who work with Menstrual Hygiene, two handbooks on menstruation and a map of interesting stories around "the first period!"

Aryan Uprety's Story
Arunachalam Muruganantham's Story
Jessamijn Miedema's Story

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Menstroo: Our story in collaboration with Tale Weavers

What is Menstruation? (View | Download)
Menstrual Hygiene Products (View | Download)
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