Our Volunteer Policy

The Red Elephant Foundation is founded on values of participatory engagement and collaborative efforts towards civilian peacebuilding and gender equality. Our work is entirely the work of volunteers and we place significant value in respecting their contribution of time and efforts.
This policy is intended to ensure that all volunteers working at the Red Elephant Foundation have a safe, peaceful and equal working environment.  We function on these core values:

Every volunteer has the right to be, and will be treated with dignity and respect. 
Every volunteer is expected to treat other volunteers and all those they come in contact with during the course of their engagement with The Red Elephant Foundation will be treated with dignity and respect by whom irrespective of age, sex, gender, nationality, religion, caste or class.
Every volunteer is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with details of their roles, responsibilities, period of engagement and tasks.
Every volunteer will represent the organisation with utmost integrity and will have to respect its values - empathy and compassion, participatory human rights based approach, diversity and inclusion, action and solution oriented thinking.
Every volunteer who works in the community will be respectful of the community members, partner NGOs and will further strengthen trust relationships between the organisation and the community.
Every volunteer will ensure confidentiality and privacy of all information discussed internally and will ensure sufficient precaution is taken to prevent its misuse.  
Every volunteer and intern will ensure that consent is taken from the community before photographs taken and stories reported.
At the end of the tenure, volunteers are awarded certificates in recognition of their contribution.
Volunteers are unpaid.