#ZeroTolerance is a collaborative campaign by Sayfty and The Red Elephant Foundation (REF). Rhetoric and conversation on women’s rights have often been seen as paper tigers: being confined to paper, and available within the actionable domain of only a few. Taking these rights and legal freedoms outside the confines of legal curriculums and jargon, this campaign serves to speak to every citizen: man and woman alike, to create awareness that can lead to action. Starting June 1, 2015, and drawing out over a year, REF and Sayfty will put together a series of posters focused on specific forms of Violence against Women, with a complete insight into provisions of law, how one may access the law and what one can do to keep themselves safe.

To view the posters, click here.  
Posters in Orange: Domestic Violence Posters in Dark Blue: Dowry Harassment
Posters in Yellow: Workplace Sexual Harassment
Posters in Red: Rape
Posters in Green: Marital Rape
Posters in Light Blue: Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence
Posters in Maroon: Street Harassment
Posters in Purple: FGM